Data collection

By default, Earthly collects anonymized data which we use for measuring performance of the earthly command.

Installation ID

Earthly will create a universally unique installation ID (UUID v4) under ~/.earthly/install_id, which is used to track each installation. This ID is randomly created and does not contain any personal data.

Anonymized data

In addition to the installation ID, earthly will also collect a one-way-hash of the git repository name.

CI platform

Earthly applies some heuristics to determine if it is running in a CI system, and will report which CI system is detected (e.g. GitHub Actions, Circle CI, Travis CI, Jenkins, etc).

Command and exit code

Earthly will report which command was run (e.g. build, prune, etc), the execution time, and corresponding exit code. Command line arguments are not captured.

Disabling analytics

To disable the collection of data, set the disable_analytics option to true under the global config file ~/.earthly/config.yml.

For example:

    disable_analytics: true

This option is documented in the Earthly configuration file page.

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