Alternative installation

Alternative Installation

This page outlines alternative installation instructions for the earthly build tool. The main instructions that most users need are available on the installation intructions page.


Install earthly

Download the binary relevant to your platform from the releases page, rename it to earthly and place it in your bin.

To initialize the installation, including adding auto-completion for your shell, run

sudo earthly bootstrap

and then restart your shell.


For instructions on how to install earthly for CI use, see the CI integration guide.

Installing from source

To install from source, see the contributing page.


If you use SSH-based git authentication, then your git credentials will just work with Earthly. Read more about git auth.

For a full list of configuration options, see the Configuration reference

Verify installation

To verify that the installation works correctly, you can issue a simple build of an existing hello-world project


You should see the output | --> RUN [echo 'Hello, world!'] | Hello, world! | Target built successfully
=========================== SUCCESS ===========================


To remove earthly, run the following commands:

macOS users

brew uninstall earthly
rm -rf ~/.earthly
docker rm --force earthly-buildkitd
docker volume rm --force earthly-cache

Linux and WSL2 users

rm /usr/local/bin/earthly
rm /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/earthly
rm /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions/_earthly
rm -rf ~/.earthly
docker rm --force earthly-buildkitd
docker volume rm --force earthly-cache