This page presents some common terms used throughout the earthly documentation. Understanding these terms with help you understand how to use earthly.

  • Earthly - the build automation system as a whole

  • earthly - the CLI tool used to interact with Earthly

  • Earthfile - a file (named literally Earthfile) which contains a series of targets and their respective recipes

  • buildkitd - a daemon built by the Docker team and used by Earthly to execute builds. It executes LLB, the same low-level primitives used when building Dockerfiles. The buildkitd daemon is started automatically in a docker container, by earthly, when executing builds.

  • recipe - a specific series of build steps

  • target - the label used to identify a recipe. 'Target' is also used to refer to a build of a specific target.

  • build context - the main directory made available to the build for copying files from

  • artifact - a file resulting from executing a target (not all targets have artifacts)

  • image - a docker image resulting from executing a target (not all targets have images)

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